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3 Grandmasters are in the joint lead after 7 rounds of the 2023 Malaysian Chess Open. They are:-
-GM Guha Mitrabha
-GM Darwin Laylo
-GM Sivuk Vitaly

GM Sivuk Vitaly is no stranger to Malaysian Chess having won both the Johor and Penang Open before but he has not won the Malaysian Open. Interestingly, Sivuk has never played in the Malaysian Open before.

Grandmaster Guha Mitrabha on the other hand is also new to the Malaysian Open. GM Darwin Laylo is an old hand, having played in the Malaysian Open several times but never winning it.

Round 8 sees GM Mitrabha, Guha play versus GM Laylo, Darwin on board 1 and GM Sivuk, Vitaly against GM Iniyan, P on board 2.

Round 8 pairings (first 10 boards)

Malaysian Open Chess-Results.

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